Thanks for checking out my work. I've had the joy of being a full-time professional photographer since 2008 after 4 years of teaching Fine Arts . I love my job and everyday is a blessing.

I'm very passionate about giving businesses, personal brands, and couples AMAZING IMAGES.  When I'm asked "what kind of photographer are you?" I answer "I'm the kind of photographer that finds out about your passion and creates stunning images for you in a fun, artistic, laid back way". I work with  businesses (think everything from ruthless Spartan races to life changing natural skin care lines) to public figures (architects, designers, artists, musicians) to events (such as weddings, art shows, openings). My job is to find out what you're investing your time and life into, and giving you an AMAZING set of images to communicate that with the world.  I would love to chat about your passison whether that be your new finacee or the new line you're about to launch. Email  me now...  let's chat